A lot of people are going to be interested in what you guys do but won't be able to do the movements right away. In that situation your coach should just alter the movements for that specific person like have them do a regression exercise or something of that nature.

Similar to if let's say one of your current members has a minor injury but they can and want to still workout the coach may adjust / alter the workout for them so they can still participate in the workouts / classes.

The important thing to remember is people aren't just coming into the facility to experience the workout alone. The workout is just ONE component of what they are interested in. They are also interested in seeing the facility, experiencing the environment, meeting the staff and feeling / experiencing the awesome energy that comes along with joining into your program.

Honestly, when people come through you don't want to give them an INSANE workout. You want to give them a workout just good enough that they see the value of the workout / trainers so they leave feeling good! 

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