You have a few options when it comes to this. Our recommendation is IF you offer all of those things under the same roof in your studio, then simply have a membership option that includes ALL of those class options. This takes away the objection of "I want to try all the class types before I make a decision on what membership I want to sign up for." On the other hand you can also have different memberships based on the different offerings. In this situation in order to get them on Day-1 you really need to get the point across to them that hitting their goal (losing 10 pounds) doesn't depend on the type of class they join but more so their commitment and effort within the class.

Remember the MAIN reason people are showing up to your studio is because they have a goal and they want to hit that goal (Losing 10 pounds etc.) most people don't actually like "working out"... BUT they like WHAT working out does to them / for them. When you're selling, always stay focused on the prospects goal/want/desire. People sign up when you get them to fully believe they can hit their goal using your service.

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