You have two options to obtain your Skipio API key:

  1. Contact Skipio support by visiting their website here: and contacting them by chat or by phone: 858-244-2999

  2. Follow the steps in the instructional video below to obtain your Skipio API key while logged in to your Skipio account. (Advanced)


  1. Login to your Skipio account using the Google Chrome web browser

  2. Right click anywhere on the Skipio site and click ‘Inspect’

  3. All of this code will pop up, don’t freak out. Simply press ‘Control+F’ on a PC, or Command+F on a Mac so the ‘Search/Find’ box pops up.

  4. Type into the search box: data-token

  5. You will see a crazy long patch of numbers and letters after the ‘data-token=’

  6. Example: data-token="2af35fe6ae9c96f2023c8672fd51662b"

  7. Copy the long strand of letters/numbers that are INSIDE the quotation marks “ X “

  8. That is your API code!

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