Below are written instructions, for video walkthrough click here and follow along (Video Recommended)

  1. You want to have groups of 250 prospects. Therefore, you need to create the correct amount of groups before segmenting your total prospects.

  2. Example: if you have 1,000 contacts, you will want to create 4 Groups.

  3. To create a new group go to ‘Address Book’ and click the the three dots in the top left and select ‘+ Add Group’. Create your groups. Simply name the groups: Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, and Group 4, etc.

  4. Now you are going to segment and split-up your entire “Prospects” group into the groups that you created in step 2.

  5. Begin segmenting (refer to walk-through video for any issues)

-After your groups are created, you need to select your ‘Prospects’ group in the address book 

-Select 250 rows at the bottom of the address book, wait 5 seconds for contact records to loadClick the checkbox that selects all 250 contacts (make sure 250 are selected)

-Click the folder icon at the top that says ‘Add or Remove To Groups’

-Check the box for ‘Group 1’. 

-Uncheck the ‘select all’ box

-Click ‘Next’ in bottom right and wait 5 seconds for contacts to load again. 

-Start the process over again and segment the next 250 people into Group 2

For additional support, please click the support icon in the bottom right section of this screen to contact FitTraffic support or post your question in the Facebook community.

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