1. Login to your Skipio account here: https://skipio.com/login/ 

  2. Select ‘Address Book’ in the navigation inside your Skipio account.

  3. Click the plus sign “+” in the top left (when you hover over it will say ‘Add Contacts’) and click ‘Import Contacts’

  4. Select ‘Add Contacts from Your Computer’ and click the blue button that says ‘Browse’.

  5. Upload your the file named “SKIPIO PROSPECTS”

  6. Select the fields for the First Name, Last Name, and Phone Number only. Do not import email addresses into Skipio or you will risk slowing your account down. After you have the three fields selected (first name, last name, and phone number) - At the bottom under ‘Import Settings,’ next to ‘Add To Group’ select +NEW and create a group named “PROSPECTS” and then click ‘Continue’ to upload the database.

  7. Wait roughly 4 minutes for Skipio to load your contacts. (if the screen is loading for more than 5 minutes, refresh the page and go to address book the contacts will be there) - Click ‘Continue’ and DO NOT send an intro message, click the Skipio logo in the top left of your screen to return to the homepage of the dashboard.

  8. Congratulations your database is uploaded!

For additional support, please click the support icon in the bottom right section of this screen to contact FitTraffic support or post your question in the Facebook community.

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