Before judging this metric you need to have 20+ appointments completed and all of them should have been derived from your cloudburst campaign or your 7 day setter campaign + Facebook ads. If you haven’t completed 20+ appointments yet then you need to do that first before judging/solving this KPI. If you have completed 20+ sales appointments, is your ROI greater than 2:1? If it is then you don’t need to worry too much about this KPI, however you can proceed if you want to improve your numbers. If your ACR is outside of KPI and your ROI is less than 2:1 then proceed:

With sales appointments and ACR, practice makes perfect and nobody achieves true “mastery” until they’ve clocked 100 appointments or more using the Membership Multiplier script / presentation. Stick at it, practice, practice, practice and remember to take notes about all of your sales appointments and review them to gain feedback about what does/doesn’t work so that you can iterate and improve.

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