Before determining your CPB you need to have at least 50 leads from your Facebook ads, if you don’t you must obtain that first before judging this KPI. If you have 100+ optins/leads then you may need to check whether your CPL is inside/outside of KPI. If your CPL is outside of KPI then this will be affecting your CPB significantly. Your best course of action is to work on your CPL and get that within KPI before attempting to judge/solve this CBP metric. If you have 50+ optins/leads from your Facebook ads and they have come at a CPL within KPI then you may proceed:

If your CPB is outside of KPI but your ROI is still 2:1 or above then this might not be an issue to worry about since your campaign is still profitable. If ROI is above 2:1 then you may proceed to troubleshoot this issue and improve your KPI’s. If your ROI is below 2:1 then you definitely want to proceed to fix this issue:

If you have 50+ leads and your CPL is within KPI but your CPB is outside of KPI this means that your initial Skipio message might not be working correctly from a technical point or from a messaging point. First make sure everything is setup correctly with Zapier and leads are actually receiving your first message inside of Skipio. If you’ve checked this and your leads are receiving your message but they aren’t booking then you may have to make edits to that first message. If there is inconsistent messaging between your ads/destination page and the first message inside Skipio then people will not book an appointment with you. Observe your ad/destination page messaging and make sure your Skipio messaging is on point for the first message.

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