Before determining your CPL you must have at least 100 link clicks from your Facebook ads, if you don’t you must obtain that first before judging this KPI. If you have 100+ link clicks then you may proceed: If either your CPL is outside of KPI this may be due to poor destination page conversion rates, poor Facebook ad performance rates or a combination of both. The first thing we need to identify is whether this problem is rooted within your ads, your destination page or both.

Is your CPC within KPI but your CPL is outside of KPI then chances are the issue is with your destination page. If your ads are receiving clicks this is a signal of market interest but if these people are abandoning when they hit your destination page this means they are no longer interested. This is probably due to a messaging disconnect between your ads and your destination page. Make sure the messaging/look/feel is consistent between your ads and your destination page and then test again. If you clear this messaging disconnect up and try again with another 100+ link clicks and observe the same issue again, chances are your ads are getting clicks from the wrong people and they have no interest once they hit your destination page. If this is the case, this means that your market isn’t resonating with your ads well enough to make it efficient to advertise to them. If this is the case you need to test additional ad angles, images and audiences.

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