If your ads are not receiving any clicks, first make sure that they are receiving impressions, if they are not receiving impressions then go to #2 on this list and troubleshoot the issue there. If your ads are receiving impressions but not receiving clicks then first check all your settings to make sure they are correct and align with the training covered in the “Targeting and Audiences” and “Creating your advertisement” modules of Week 5. If your setup and settings are in alignment with the training then you want to check how many impressions you have in total compared to the 0 number of clicks. If you have impressions above 1,000 and clicks at 0 or near 0 then there’s a high chance Facebook cutoff traffic to your ad because it didn’t evoke a response from the audiences you selected. Delete all your adsets and launch your campaign again following our launch process. If the same issue occurs again then you have a serious issue with your messaging and audience selection and you need to go back to the drawing board to come up with new ideas/angles. If this happens chances are you haven’t followed the instructions in the training step-by-step and/or tried to launch ads on Facebook without first developing good ad angles.

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