Instructions for organizing your database

  1. Download your database from your CRM (mindbody, zen planner, etc.) or get access to your database on your local storage.  

  2. Get a .csv or .xlsx file of your database and upload to your Google Drive. After it is uploaded to your Google Drive, right click and select ‘Open with’ and select ‘Google Sheets’ - give it 10 seconds for the Google Sheets file to load fully. 

  3. The correct column setup should read cell: A1 = First Name, B1 =  Last Name, C1 = Phone. If you do not have First Name, Last Name, or Phone Number fields across the top as stated above, you need to insert a row above row 1. Delete all other columns that are not necessary for upload.

  4. After your database has the correct columns setup, check through the database and make sure that the phone numbers in the rows matches data from your CRM or your original database file. This test is important to avoid any errors you may have caused when organizing or segmenting the database. If your data does not match correctly between columns, delete the sheet and start over. This is to ensure that the contact records have the correct information.

  5. Click ‘File’, then click ‘Download as’, and select ‘Comma-separated values (.csv, current sheet)’ - save the file to your desktop as ‘SKIPIO PROSPECTS’.

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