1. Create your Zapier account here: 

  2. Contact Skipio support to obtain your API token.

  3. Click the button in the top-right of your screen ‘Make a Zap!’

  4. Name your zap ‘Lead form - 7 Day Pass’

  5. Skipio is a private app on the Zapier platform. The only way to gain access is through a private invite only link. Please sign into your zapier account and then visit this link here

Your zapier should be setup in the following order: (Make sure you test each step before continuing to creation of following step)

  1. Trigger: Facebook Lead Ads ‘New Lead’

  2. Action: Google Sheets ‘Create Spreadsheet Row’

  3. Action: Skipio ‘Create or Update Contact’

  4. Action: Skipio ‘Add Contact to Group’ - Prospects

  5. Action: Skipio ‘Add Contact to Group’ - Facebook

  6. Action: Skipio ‘Add Contact to Campaign’ - 7 Day Setter

After completing the setup of each field, turn the zap on.

Once the zap is on, you need to test it by putting a “test” through by opting in on the lead form. 

For further assistance, please post your question in the Facebook community or click the support icon in the bottom right of the screen to contact FitTraffic support.

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