4 step process for scheduling appointments for the cloudburst campaign

If you do not follow this process, your results will be effected and will not be comparable to the averages in the program:

  1. Confirm the appointment - if you do not confirm the appointment, the prospect will not show up

  2. Schedule the reminder message - If a reminder message is not scheduled, your show rate will be significantly lower. The average show rate for customers in the membership acquisition program is 70%

  3. Remove from the the ‘FREE WEEK’ campaign - if you do not remove the prospect from the ‘FREE WEEK’ campaign, they will continue to get messages in the automation

  4. Book into your appointment manager - if you do not book the appointment in the appointment manager you will not know when prospects are coming in to start their 7 day pass and you will not be able to use secondary campaigns in the cloudburst campaign

Instructions for scheduling appointments for cloudburst campaign  

  1. Confirm the appointment using 'Appt Confirmation' or 'Appt /w BONUS Confirmation' template. Only use the Appt W/ BONUS template if the prospect replied back 'BONUS'. 

  2. Schedule the reminder message using the 'Appt Reminder (The Day Of)' template or the 'Appt Reminder (The Evening Before)' template. Prospects who have an appointment before 12:00 PM should have a scheduled reminder message the evening before. Prospects who have an appointment after 12:00 PM should have a scheduled reminder message the day of.

  3. Remove prospect from the 'FREE WEEK' campaign after the prospect schedules an appointment to avoid any confusion or frustration from the prospect

  4. Book into appointment manager: Add the prospects first name, last name, phone number, date of booking the appointment, day of appointment, and appointment time. If the prospect is bringing a friend and using the 'BONUS' - make sure to keep notes that they are bringing a friend to their scheduled appointment.

If you need further assistance, please post your question in the Facebook community or contact FitTraffic support by clicking the red button in the bottom right of your screen. 

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