Using a class schedule to control the traffic and appointment times for your prospects:

What is a class schedule? - a class schedule is a selection of available times for your prospects to schedule an appointment for the first day of their 7 day pass.

Criteria and best practices for creating your class schedule:

  1. You want to choose times for your class schedule where you or your sales staff have the availability and comfortable amount of time to go through the entire sales process with the prospect.

  2. You are in control of when prospects come in for an appointment to start their 7 day pass.

  3. You can have as many times on the schedule as you want, just make sure that you or your sales staff has the time to go through the sales process with the prospect. 

  4. If you have a day that you do not offer classes, for example: Sunday, then write under Sunday ‘No Classes’ - or just remove Sunday completely. Either way will work.

  5. If you offer multiple classes, you want to portray that you offer multiple classes but you do not want to confuse the prospect or it will hurt your appointment booking rate. The best solution would be to choose the classes that have the highest interest for your current members, and offer those classes to your prospects as well. If you want to specify the class type, add the type of class under the class time and put into parenthesis. 

Instructions for creating a class schedule:

  1. Click the class schedule template link here 

  2. When the link opens, you only have viewer access. To be able to create your own, navigate to ‘File’ in the top right, and select ‘Make a copy’ and add the copy to your Google Drive

  3. Right click the template logo, scroll down to ‘Replace image’ and upload your business logo

  4. Add in the name of your business where is says [Insert Facility Name] and under edit the length of your classes. Remove the “* = 45 minutes” if you do not have two times for classes.

  5. Add your class times underneath each day. 

  6. When your class schedule is finalized, click ‘File’ - then click ‘Download as’ and select ‘JPEG Image’, make sure you save your class schedule to your desktop or cloud.

If you need further assistance, please contact support by clicking the red button in the bottom right of your screen. You can also email support at: [email protected] 

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