Skipio automatically adding contacts to the ‘do not contact’ list in your Skipio account

Skipio will automatically add a contact to the ‘do not contact’ list in your Skipio account when the contact replies back STOP or Unsubscribe. 

If a contact says ‘please take me off your list’ or ‘remove me’ you will need to manually add them to the ‘do not contact’ list. Please follow the instructions below to add a contact manually to the ‘do not contact list’.

Instructions For Adding Contact To Do Not Contact / Do Not Call List

  1. On the contact record, you will see ‘Info, Messages, and Scheduled’ at the top. Click ‘Info’ and page will load.   

  2. To the left of the contacts name you will see a checked checkbox and next to it will say ‘send text messages’ - uncheck the checkbox.

  3. Scroll down to the bottom and click the blue button ‘Save Contact’. This step is extremely important and if not done will not save your changes.

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