Using the appointment manager

  • Will help you keep track of upcoming appointments

  • Will help you track outcomes from the appointments (No Sale, No Show, and Sale)

  • Will help you track your actions based off the outcome of an appointment 

Outcomes of appointments

  • NO SALE: the prospect showed for the appointment, but did not purchase a membership on the first day of their free 7 day pass

  • NO SHOW: the prospect did not show for the appointment

  • Sale: the prospect purchased a membership

What action to do to the prospect based off their outcome

  • NO SALE: Activate the prospect into the 'NO SALE' campaign in Skipio on the same day of their 1st appointment

  • NO SHOW: Activate the prospect into the 'NO SHOW' campaign in Skipio on the same day of their missed first appointment

  • Sale: Remove the prospect from all current campaigns and current groups, and add to ‘members’ group in your Skipio account address book

What are the NO SALE and NO SHOW campaigns?

  • NO SALE: a 5 text automation series of ‘engagement’ messages that establishes contact after the appointment and extends the day 1 incentive to the end of their 7 day pass. You need to activate the same day as their appointment. The campaign is spaced perfectly over the 7 days of their 7 day pass, creating time-based incentive.

  • NO SHOW: a 3 text automation series of text messages that encourages the ‘no show’ to book another appointment.

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