1. Click the appointment manager template found in the resource document 'How to create your appointment manager' in Week 3, section '3. Managing The Flood'

  2. When the link opens, you only have viewer access. To be able to create your own, navigate to ‘File’ in the top right, and select ‘Make a copy’ and add the copy to your Google Drive

  3. Click the blue ‘SHARE’ button in the top right of the appointment manager, click ‘advanced’ in the bottom right. 

  4. Under ‘who has access’ - the preset settings will be ‘specific people can access’ - click the blue hyperlinked ‘change’ and select the circle that says ‘On - Anyone with the link’ - then you will see ‘Access: Anyone (no sign-in required) Can view’ - change ‘Can View’ to ‘Can Edit’ and click Save.

  5. After you click Save it will show a ‘Link to share (allows editing)’ copy that link and email to your staff. You will now be able to give editing access to the appointment manager to anyone who has the link.

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